May 10, 2023

20: Creating a Civic Gathering Space | Manny Yekutiel, Manny’s

20: Creating a Civic Gathering Space | Manny Yekutiel, Manny’s
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“The least understood thing about opening a public facing business is the feeling of it, the emotional journey you have to go on”

Manny Yekutiel is the owner of Manny’s, a civic and political event space with a bookshop, coffee shop, bar, and restaurant, located in San Francisco.

As you’ll quickly find out, Manny is not your traditional business owner, and this is far from a traditional interview. Having worked in the world of fundraising for political campaigns, Manny is charismatic and persuasive, with a knack for convincing people to go along with his ideas… like asking me to take my shirt off during the interview – you’ll have to listen on to find out what happens there.

After burning out from his career in politics, Manny set out to use his skills to create a gathering space for the civic-minded, using food and drink as the great equalizer to bring people together. 

We discuss his journey to make a reality out of his vision, touching on topics like his unconventional approach to fundraising, the business’s four primary revenue streams, the pros and cons of partnering with a culinary nonprofit to run the kitchen early on, loneliness as the number one hurdle he had to overcome, and the least understood aspect of opening a brick-and-mortar business.

Please enjoy this fun, quirky, and informative interview with Manny Yekutiel.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • Manny’s path from political campaign fundraiser to opening a restaurant & event space
  • How getting one investor to commit early helped him raise all the money he needed, and how he would have structured the investment differently
  • Manny’s four revenue streams
  • Why Manny purposely doesn’t maximize revenue
  • How partnering with a culinary nonprofit helped Manny get the space up and running
  • Loneliness as the top hurdle Manny had to overcome after opening
  • The least understood aspect of opening a brick-and-mortar business
  • How Manny’s role in the business has changed
  • On The Fly Segment